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Knights of Fantasy Introduction

In Odom, a world full of wars and monsters, you join the Knights of Fantasy to fulfill your dream, and the exciting adventure starts now.

There are a lots of danger beyond imagination during this adventure, but you are not alone. On the way to your dream, you will meet new friends and form your own adventure team. You and your team will challenge those dangerous monsters, collect powerful magic gears, and constantly explore the truth of this world. In addition, you can also join your favorite guild, do the guild quests together with your guild members, fight for the Relic Island’s massive treasure and share those treasure with your guild members. Constantly upgrading yourself, you will find yourself closer to the truth.

In this world, you will meet the Mascot - shy bunny girl, powerful Valkyrie, good hunter - Eagle of the Grassland, and other various people. They may be powerful, charismatic, brave or even evil, but they will all be part of your adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Join the Knights of Fantasy to explore the Odom world.

1st strategy -- Knights of Fantasy Novice Guide

Novice’s main focus should be quick leveling up and increase BP to high level at early stage. With the limited public resources, you can participate in more instances and more activities at higher level. Then you’re always in front of others as this cycle goes on.

I. Quick Leveling up

1. Quickly clear stages, remember to make sure you always have the Sprite Soda buff when leveling (Sprite buff provide Normal Battle and Auto Battle EXP +150%).
Source: Arena Exchange, VIP Daily gift, Optimum Gift Bag, Guild Exploration, etc.

2. Pay attention to CD
Participate in PK, clear tower, EXP instance, and defeat Boss activities as much as possible. Due to their different cool-down time and do not cost resources, it’s better to clear those activities after CD, to obtain more EXP.

3. Use your Diamond well
In the early period, there are very few places to use the Diamonds. The best way is to use them to assist your leveling up. For example, buy more PK chances and EXP instance tickets, or clear Fatigue points. In the early period, clear stages and various Events are your main way to obtain Diamonds. Of course, the fastest and most frequent way is to Top-up. New server have many Top-up benefit, such as a large discounts or high rebates. Seize the opportunity and you’ll be stronger than others. In addition, Top-up by-product Zircons are more valuable than Diamonds, many rare items only can be purchased in Zircons.

II. Novices quickly increase their BP

1. Efficient utilization of 7 Days Server Benefit:
When we play the game, there will be a 7 days of Server launch Benefit activity. Using these 7 days, we can quickly expand our heroes and upgrade own stats. By completing quests, we can obtain more rewards, which can help player reach high BP faster. Player also can obtain seven super rare Titles through the 7 day Ranking List of 7 days activity. Those Titles are not only powerful, but also very dazzling. No matter where you go, you will be focus of the whole scene in the game! So the competition is quite fierce. My suggestions: it’s difficult to get all seven Titles. You can do what you can according to your actual Top-up situation!

2. Actively participate in Boss Battle:
Actively participate in Boss Battle can get a lot of advanced gears; they can bring a lot of improvement for your own stats.

3. Collection of Characters, Titles, Pets:
Highlight! In the game, Characters, Titles and Pets are important part of your BP. These three systems have rich content, which will be introduced separately next time. However, when you can obtain it, try not to miss it. In the later period, you will have to rely on these collections to increase stats.

4. Join a Guild:
Join a powerful guild can make your leveling up process more efficient than working alone. Guild Quests, Guild instances, Guild flag, a large number of practical items such as beer, keys, crystal bags and so on. After all, finding like-minded friend to form a Guild during the adventure is definitely a must.

5. Actively participate in Operation Activities & Events:
Every week and holiday, there are a lot of activities and events in the game. Participate in those activities and events can obtain a lot of items as reward, even obtain limited edition characters, pets and other rare items that not available to obtain through other way. It's very important to improve your BP.

How to Obtain and Check the Amount of Your Color Diamonds

The color diamonds can only obtained by top-up

Knights of Fantasy

But on main screen there's no way to show the amount that you got. So you need to enter the shop:

Knights of Fantasy

Then click the 'Mysterious Merchant'

Knights of Fantasy

Now you can see the exact amount of color that you have.

Knights of Fantasy

Knights of Fantasy Character’s Upgrading and Obtaining

Hello, everyone. Here is Uncle Moe. Nice to see you guys! After many days of adventuring in Knights of Fantasy, everyone must have grown a lot! Resolute spirit, strong physique and firm pace show different players’ own team style! From clumsy novice to the invincible OP player. You've been through a lot
Today, my topic is about character’s upgrading and obtaining.

I. Character Upgrading:

In Knights of Fantasy, there are four kinds of class: Warrior (also called Swordsman), Magician, Hunter and Knight. This is the characteristic of the Knights of Fantasy. Each class plays a different role in the battle.

Warrior (Swordsman):
High defense, high HP plus good damage ability make Warrior the great front row character in the team.

Unique magic shield skill, high recovery and high AOE ability make magician become the important role in the team.

Very high single target damage and critical lethal ability make hunter become the powerful DPS in the team.

High recovery, high Dodge, whole team ATK Buff support make knight become the perfect front row role and support role in the team.

Different character’s star up in the same class, their increased stats will inherit and stack. In addition, due to the different class have different priority attribute, Uncle Moe’s recommended characters to all levels’ players are different.

Normal player: suggest main warrior, low or zero Top-up means your bonus damage is relatively low, so you may need spend more time in one battle. Only the warrior can survive and deal sufficient damage.

Middle player: suggest main Hunter.
Very simple, heavy firepower. Let your front row take the damage, hunter deal tons of damage in the back row. The higher the output, the easier the game. Every shoot cause tons of damage. One word: Coooooool!

Rich player: suggest main hunter plus knight.
It's really easy for you to upgrade two characters at the same time due to your affluent materials. Hunter with high Crit. and high DMG matched with knight with high ATK buff bonus. You can easily dominate your enemies’ life.

Other players which pay more attention to those Character’s appearance: suggest main Magician.
Magician has the best art original painting in Knights of Fantasy. Their awesome skill effect, beautiful character appearance, great AOE ability make this class simple but powerful. When you face your enemies, just wait until all skills released, the world will be quiet again, and you're on your way to the next monster’s stronghold...

II. Character Obtaining:

At present, there are 66 characters in the game, with their own illustrations and background stories. The whole background story is an epic story. Illustrations are all painted by the top production team from Korea and Japan. Knights of Fantasy is really a conscience work. If you are interested in the Japanese and Korean painting style game, you can take a look. Character acquisition can be divided into three categories.
1st category: Clear the map stage and tower, pass all kinds of instances to push the game progress. So even if players don't have time and money, also can collect a lot of characters.
2nd category: all kinds of Events. The variety of Events in the Knights of Fantasy will make you collect a lot of materials and items. It also include a lot of characters. You even can find and obtain some OP character through this way. Recommended players which have time to participate in those Events.
3rd category: Feeding and First Top-up, players with financial strength can show their ability here. Almost all SSS character come from this. They have great BP, gorgeous special effects and Exclusive Artifact! You are the brightest star in the sky. Also, all those SSS characters can be obtain through Lottery. You can try your luck if you believe in yourself. May be you can obtain SSS through one draw!
All characters belong to four class. The more characters are recruited, the greater the overall BP will be. SSR and SSS characters have independent weapon effects. Go collect them!

Knights of Fantasy Novice Guide-Title & Pet

Knights of Fantasy is a Japanese Manga style game. Of course, there are also a lot of collection content inside. Player can collect Titles, Heroes and Pets in the game. When you have chance to obtain them, try not to miss them. In the later period, you will have to rely on these collections to increase BP. So, how many titles or pets in the game and how can player obtain them? Today’s topic is about this.

As a direct display item in the game, Titles not only provide excellent BP and stats, but also give you a unique appearance in the game. An awesome Title will distinguish you from the normal player.
Over 150 Titles can be collected, from the lowest blue R title to the dazzling SSS title. Each title can provide different BP and bonus stats. If you obtain and activate one title, you can enjoy its BP and bonus stats. In fact, Title’s BP and bonus stats are directly stacked and will not be affected by what you’re wearing.

Obtain Titles:
It’s hard to collect all kinds of Titles. You need not only patience, but also enough financial ability.
1st category: Clear the map stage and tower, pass all kinds of instances to push the game progress, participate in Field PK and Arena fight. So even if you don't have time and money, you also can collect a lot of titles (main sources of R title).
2nd category: All kinds of Events. The variety of Events in the Knights of Fantasy will make you collect a lot of materials and items, also include titles. I recommend players which have time to participate in those Events. Those titles can be obtained through participation, which is very useful for adding stats.
3rd category: Feeding, Top-up activities and the Peerage level. Almost all the SSS titles are obtain depending on your peerage level.
4th category: Meet certain requirement. Whether leveling up, character upgrading or joining guild events, you will be rewarded with corresponding titles. For example, the guild leader has chances to obtain the exclusive SSS title if his guild win in the Battle for Relic.

After talking about Titles, let’s talk about Pets. There are four major classes in Knights of Fantasy. Each class has its own pets. Pet can provide a variety of bonus stats. Of course, same as Titles, those bonus stats will be added after you obtain this pet. So, select your favorite pet to display. At the same time, pets also have the Echo effect. In addition to the stats provided by pets, different combinations of pets can also provide various extra stats, which means collecting more pets will give you more powerful BP bonus. When you first enter the game, you will get a chance to draw a pet once. Generally, everyone can get one SR pet. But sometimes, some lucky dog can obtain SSR or even SSS pet. (Tips: I got one SSR warrior pet from this free draw. I guess it's probably based on the server population, so go to hot servers or new servers.)

Obtain Pets:
Basically draw from Pet Dealer. Some Top-up activities provide SSR pet egg or even SSS pet eggs, it's more stable than the Pet Dealer, but it can't be obtained repeatedly. Except draw, some pets can only be obtain through combining certain pets. This requires the pet combining system (available when your team reaches A. We all know that drawing pet very easily obtain many of the same pets. Through the pet combining system, you can use those unnecessary pets to obtain new pets and unlock more pet echo stats.

Raising BP

Raising BP (From Prami Lord of knights)
BP is your battle power, how good you are at killing things and not getting killed. Getting this number extremely high is a common goal for players, it’s The core game mechanic and there’s quite a lot to it.
To make it easier to absorb I'm going to list the features of BP raising from High impact to low. 5/5 is very important and you should focus on it, 1/5 means it has minimal impact and is not a priority.

Inherit Gear 5/5
The best in slot end game gear. Quite grindy so i only suggest keeping 2-3 pieces leveled with you. It’s roughly 2x as good as R Red gear of the same level.
2 gear rating roughly = 1 BP.
Dismantling gives you the FULL COST back in material. There is no reason to equip low level inherit pieces and level them slowly, it will only slow down your progression early on.

Abyss Gear 5/5
Seperate gear from Inherits. It gives % damage bonuses from Echo buffs when you have the entire set leveled meaning it scales extremely well into lategame.
You can either Focus on 1 character or spread your abyss gear out among all of them. Unfortunately, acquiring the fragments is extremely RNG heavy, so good luck.

Appolyon (level 200+ only) 5/5
Good abilities and tons of stats, what’s not to like? They get incredibly powerful later on so get started early.

Friend skills 5/5
More stats for your characters and more importantly, % bonuses on on certain * levels, meaning they will scale very well.

Tower of Magic 5/5
Once again, % stat increases for all characters, and this time in significant amounts.

Team Ratings 5/5
Not really much to say about this one, you NEED this to unlock higher unique bosses, star spirit slots etc.
Get your 5 beers from guild every day. Don’t forget.

Pets 5/5
One of the main sources of Raw stats, very high bp impact and some powerful skills on select pets.
Don’t forget pet combine exists.

Enchant 5/5
Ridiculously high BP return per upgrade, and the materials are easy to farm from fields. The only issue is the upgrade % gets pretty bad later so it’ll get very expensive on average without protection potions, which are not a f2p friendly material.